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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 on Stranger Tides

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Johnny Depp goodness. Is there really anyone out there who could make a sexier pirate that Johnny? Not bloody likely!

ON STRANGER TIDES is one of the best PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies to date. There were some doubts going into this as two key characters from the original trilogy are missing, Will and Elizabeth Turner. While Will and Elizabeth added a lot to the first three films their absence in the fourth is hardly worth mentioning. A new cast mixed with many old favorites makes for a great story.

On this adventure Jack faces off against Blackbeard, vicious mermaids, and an old girlfriend while searching for The Fountain of Youth. It’s good to see that Jack is keeping busy.

This movie is fun and exciting, loaded with action. There’s even a nice cliff-hanger to encourage the idea of a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5. It seems like this franchise can truly go on forever without getting stale. Jack is such a great character that movies about him can never be boring.

The only disappointing aspect of this movie is the very minimal amount of screen time allotted to Jack the Monkey. That monkey is darn cute and kind of serves as a mascot for these films. Besides it’s a simple fact that monkeys should always have maximum screen time.

ON STRANGER TIDES is a great addition to a great franchise. This movie is not to be missed.

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